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Single and dual cone pay-off

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042-197381MAILLEFER 2 x Single Cone Pay Offs for 400 mm bobbins
042-197691DIN 1000 Dual Cone Type Pay-off
042-197701DIN 1250 Dual Cone Type Pay-off
042-186651KUKAMA 630 mm Dual Cone Pay Off, Model KA 7/2
042-129711DIN 630 Dual cone Pay off, Without Trolley
042-186661VH+F DIN 630 mm Dual Cone Pay Off, Model DUKA 630
042-186671VH+F DIN 630 mm Dual Cone Pay Off, Model DUKA 630
042-186321Single Cone Pay Off for DIN 630 bobbins
042-183751LEIMBACH DIN 630 Dual Cone Pay-off with Trolley, Model DUW06
042-155512DECOMBE 630 DIN Dual Cone Pay-off
042-115411DECOMBE Dual Cone Pay-off DIN 800
042-118226VON HAGEN & FUNKE Single Cone Flyer Pay-off, Type DUKA 80 SO
042-149241VH+F DIN 1000 mm Dual Cone Pay Off, Model DUKA 1000
042-149281DECOMBE 1050 mm Dual Cone Pay Off, Model 1066 PE
042-176231DECOMBE Dual Cone Pay-off 1050 mm, Model 10S
042-140804New Gauder DCC 1250 Dual Cone Pay Off DIN 1250 mm
042-188271PS PARMA 1250 mm Single Cone Pay-off
042-122051REA Double Cone Pay-off 1250 mm, Model 2x1250

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